Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Curriculum

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Grow your resume by earning four globally recognized online certificates in blockchain and cryptocurrency. 

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Take advantage of reduced pricing for all your blockchain and cryptocurrency training needs by enrolling in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Curriculum.

These are the four training courses developed by Blockchain Institute of Technology to prepare you for the requirements of working in a blockchain and cryptocurrency related role.

They are also the same materials provided as preparation to take the Certified Blockchain Professional (CBCP) certification examination from BIT.

Your Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Curriculum enrollment includes full registration to the following four courses.

1. Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals

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2. Cryptocurrency Fundamentals

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3. Bitcoin Advanced Level: Transactions

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4. Blockchain Advanced Level: 
Uses Beyond Bitcoin

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With your paid enrollment in this offer, you will receive full access to all four currently available online courses and accompanying blockchain verified course certificates from Blockchain Institute of Technology. 

Upon successfully completing the courses, you will receive fully blockchain certified credentials from Blockchain Institute of Technology confirming your successful completion of these four courses, and will be far better prepared to take the Certified Blockchain Professional (CBCP) examination to earn your CBCP credentials.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Curriculum includes these courses

Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals
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Cryptocurrency Fundamentals
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Bitcoin Advanced Level: Transactions
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Blockchain Advanced Level: Uses Beyond Bitcoin
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